AND AD-1688

Made In : Japan Save, carry, and retrieve The AD-1688 weighing data logger is a handheld device that lets you collect weighing data without connecting the balance or scale to a PC! Price : Rp 4.000.000,- Payment : Transfer Bank (T/T) Download Brochure Download... read more

GSC INS-2015

Made In Taiwan High speed processor and build-in clock Black coated steel case Build-in printer for receipt and daily Build-in micro printer AC/DC power supply with build-in rechargeable 12V/8AH battery Alpha numeric keyboard Internal resolution 1,000,000 count,... read more

GSC GST-9800 Series

Made In Taiwan Stainless Steel case, AC Cable RS-232, Red LED display For Truck Scale, Batching control Painted Steel case, Small housing For Truck Scale, Platform Scale Price : Percall Payment : Transfer Bank (T/T) Download... read more

GSC GST-9602

Made In Taiwan Load cell excitation 12 VDC±5% Load current 280 mA (max.) 8 (350)ohm load cells max. Input sensitivity 0.6 uV/ D to 120 uV/ D Zero adj. range 0.35 mV to 24 mV Span adjustment Full digital calibration Input impedance 10 MΩ Display resolution 10,000 A/ D... read more

CAS EBI Series

Made In Korea Input sensitivity 1.25 V Load cell connection 1 Load cell of 350Ω Load cell input voltage DC 5V Zero calibration < 0.0 mV A/D type Sigma delta A/D internal resolution 1/60,000 A/D external resolution 1/3,000 A/D conversion speed 20 times/sec Display 3... read more

CAS ECB Series

Made In Korea Max. capacity(kg) 30 75 150 250 Readability(g) 2 5 10 20 External resolution 1/15,000 1/15,000 1/15,000 1/12,500 Internal resolution 1/600,000 Display type LCD display (backlight) Weight units kg, g, lb Operation temperature 0°C ~ 40°C Power AC adapter... read more


Made In Korea AD External Resolution – 1/10,000 AD Conversion Rate: 50 times/s Display: – Front Panel: 7 segment VFD ⇒ Current weight – 20 x 2 VFD ⇒ Date/ Time, Memory, Weight, Code number – 20 x 1 VFD ⇒ Company name, Code name, Compensation... read more


Made In Korea – High speed CPU is adopted – Fast A/D conversion speed : max. 200 times/sec – 6 wire and 4wire load cell support – Digital noise filter – RFI/ EMI screened – Watch-dog function – Weight back-up function –... read more

Jembatan Timbang

Buatan Indonesia, Jembatan Timbang Elektronik untuk kebutuhan transaksi penimbangan dalam negeri. Kapasitas 30ton – 120ton.

Weighing Indicator

Terdapat berbagai merk dan tipe Weighing Indicator, Selengkapnya dapat dilihat disini.


Terdapat berbagai merk dan tipe Loadcell, Selengkapnya dapat dilihat disini.

Floor Scale

Ada 2 jenis Floor Scale, yaitu single frame dan double frame. Dan untuk dimensi dari mekanik dapat dilihat disini